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Merry Christmas!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I'll be dead honest with you... I believed in Santa Clause to a very late age (let's say 11). Easily the last kid in my class to still believe in the fat man. It was always amazing to me that my Mom had the exact same hand writing as Santa. What were the chances? Think it made me think my Mom was extra special. HaHa. How could I have been so daft? Even after my sister told me he didn't exist. Especially when my Dad was lobbying hard for us to leave Santa a nice glass of cognac instead of milk and cookies. I stood strong in my belief that Santa was real. I remember I had to corner my Mom in the kitchen wielding a ginger bread man cut out utensil as a weapon until she told me the truth. I was crushed. Looking back I think the let down was perfectly timed with one of many sugar crashes that day. I ran downstairs and hid under my bed. They had to coax me, bribe me even, out from under with shortbread and hot chocolate. The world has never been the same to me since that day. How old were you when you figured Santa wasn't real? What were the circumstances? Since there are only 2 classes today I've decided to have Friday be a make up day. Christmas brings out many things in people. I'm ceaselessly amazed at the generosity of self, spirit and gifts that pass through our wonderful community every year. We are wealthy people. Give Andy a big Christmas hug for getting up early to coach the 6 am and for being one of the most solid dudes I know. Deliver a mighty slap on the arse to Charlie F Palmer for giving out the love at the 4 pm and for looking so damn good!! Hugs and Kisses, Sheppy