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Meteor Shower This Thursday Night, November 21rst

We often talk about the importance of getting outside for different activities and events.  Well this Thursday evening is a perfect opportunity for you to do so.

The Alpha Monocerotids meteor shower will take place this Thursday, November 21rst at 8:30pm to 9:10pm PST.  Don't be late because this is short and sweet!

Normally this meteor shower doesn't present a huge celestial display but because of the forces at play this time around it is expected to produce up to 400 meteors per minute.  Here is a great article explaining what will be happening

And for you unicorn lovers the constellation Monocerotids is named after the mythical unicorn.  Here is a picture of what the ancient Greek astronomers saw. An old professor of mine used to wonder exactly what they were putting in their wine way back then.  Haha ;-)  To read more about this constellation click here.

Now science is always a "best guess" conclusion so here is a great video discussing what will be happening as well as why the predictions on the intensity of this meteor shower might be overstated.  

Lucky for us the weather looks like clear skies here in Vancouver.  It is suggested to get to your spot (higher ground if possible) by 815pm to let your eye adjust to the darkness.  Have as little light pollution around you as possible.  Look to the east and low in the sky. 

Please enjoy this awe inspiring display of our beautiful Universe and don't forget your hot chocolate.  :-)