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Mobilizing Your Thoracic Spine For Golf

We all know rotation is fundamental to an effective golf swing.  It must be purposeful and in sequence.

So what if one (or all) of the moving parts doesn't want to rotate properly?  The answer is compensation. 

In the case of a poorly rotating thoracic spine the compensation could come in the form of too much lateral movement, loss of posture and/or early extension.

However the more common and damaging compensation of poor thoracic mobility is over use and straining of the lumbar (lower) spine.  Lower back pain is a free and langquid golf swing killer.

Titleist Performance Institute has a great article on this very subject.  Please read it here.


So... What to do? What to do? What to do?



Here are some great exercises to do to accomplish this very goal.

Half Kneeling Long Turns.

These are excellent for practicing thoracic rotation and lower body stability.  Also a great lower/upper body disassociation exercise.

One Arm Cross-Body Lat Stretch.

Your lats cover your back and are a major trunk rotation muscle group.  Keep the lats loose to swing freely.

Reach Backs.

A great warm up you can do anywhere.  Excellent for rotation and disassociation.  

Spiderman Stretch.

Many moving parts to this exercise but its complexity also yields greater results.  Warms up both your upper and lower body for the golf swing.


Remember your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you have.  Take good care of it!

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Happy Swinging!