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Monday - 10 x 10 OHS Week 5

Believe it or not folks, assuming my calculations are correct, we are heading into week five of our overhead squat strength building program! Nice work to everyone who has kept on top of their squats. I am curious to know what the gains have been so far. Who is brave enough to post their results to the comments section? Technique & Workout: 10 x 10 sets of Overhead squats. Lil Burner: 5 rounds of 5 double wall balls (14lbs/20lbs) 5 burpees 5 box jumps (20") 5 kb swings (red/black) Recently I was reading a special issue of Wired, my favorite magazine. It was titled "The Underworld Exposed", now I know that this is probably not everyone's cup of tea so I was surprised to see one of the articles pop up on the website. This article examines the value of the human pieces. Ever wonder how much a liver is worth? How about your ligaments and bones? You might be surprised. Check it out. "Inside the business of selling human body parts" - Kermit