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Training Plan for Monday April 16th 2018

A). OTM 16 minutes

1. 10 KB deadlifts

2. 20 alternating lateral DB front rack step-ups @approximately 20% of bodyweight

3. 5/5 single arm DB push pres @approximately 20% of bodyweight or landmine press

4. 50 double unders or 60 seconds of skipping practice

B). With a running clock

0-3 minutes: 

16 DB front squats @approximately 45% of bodyweight

2 rope climbs, or 6 strict pull-ups, or 4 half rope climbs, or 6 rope lowers

3-5 minutes: Rest

5-8 minutes: Repeat workout from beginning

8-10 minutes: rest

10-13 minutes: Repeat workout from beginning

C). 1 round:

5 wristys

10/10/10/10 banded fixed elbow rotations


*box should be approximately knee height for step-ups

*stand up and go over the box so both feet touch the floor during the step up

*Two DBs for front squats in part B