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Training Plan for Monday August 19th 2019

take 18 min to complete

A1) goblet squats

- 5 sets of 8 @75% of 8RM
- climbing to 8RM @10/10

A2) rope climb or strict pull up variation

- 5 sets of 2 attempts of 1-10 reps (rest 30s between)

A3) static midline hold

- 5 sets of 30-60s

B) for time with a 14 min time cap

"The Red Keep"

- 100-400m run (75-90s) or 60 single skips or double unders or 3x bike

- 10-15-20-25 burpees

C) Accessory

- 2 min dowel sit
- 5/5 per arm - bent arm elbow rotations with dowel


- if not complete 8RM goblet squat, make that the priority
- use same midline hold for all 5 sets
- run if able, skip if unable to run, bike if unable to foot strike
- RPE of 8/10