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Training Plan for Monday August 20th 2018

A1) bench press

- use the following rep scheme to climb to a heavy set of 3

- 5-5-4-4-3-3-3

A2) inverted pressing

- 3 sets of 6-10 consecutive reps @2222

i) handstand push ups
ii) pike variations
iii) 1/2 kneeling DB shoulder press
iv) 1/2 kneeling landmine shoulder press

C) 12 min to complete max reps of

- i) 12 dynamic pull ups ii) 2 sets of 6 ring rows
- 12 ground to overhead - plate
- 12 reverse lunges - plate i) overhead ii) on chest

C) 1 round

- gather 2 min per side of end range shoulder flexion hold
- 5 wristies


- no misses during bench press
- choose harder variation and hold for longer in part A2)
- rest a min of 90s between A1) and A2)
- adhere to red-yellow-green light prescription in part C)