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Training Plan for Monday February 12th 2018

A1) single arm DB overhead alternating reverse lunges

- 6 sets of 6R/6L - slowly climbing

A2) strict pull ups/ring rows @3113

- 6 sets of 6-10

B) upon completion of A1) & A2) take the balance of the hour to complete

3-4 rounds

- 20 wall balls - 4-8% of 3RM front squat
- 30-60s static hanging leg raise
- 10/10 double arm farmer hold single leg step ups @3131
- 30-60s hollow hold variation

C) 1 round 

- 60/60s single leg stand
- 60s straight jacket sit


- systematically move through part B)
- amount of rounds is not nearly as critical as quality of reps