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Monday - FRESHH Crew

Hey everyone a shout out to Carl aka Carlito's son McLelland aka MC. MC is a member of a hip-hop dance crew, FRESHH, who has made it to the semi-finals of the Canada's Got Talent competition on CityTV. The FRESHH crew, including MC, is competing on Monday, April 2nd in Toronto for a spot in the finals. It will be televised during prime time and the ability for the crew to advance to the finals is directly related to the number of votes they get from the television audience. As a result, there is a drive by all competitors to maximize the number of votes they get following their performance. This is a rare opportunity for a 15 year old!! The FRESHH crew is experienced in high level competition having represented Canada twice in the World Hip Hop Championships, medalling once and making it to the finals the other time. They are good at what they do and are very entertaining. Check out Canada's Got Talent on Monday, April 2nd and if you like FRESHH - they would appreciate your vote! Check out the video and link below. FRESHH Crew Technique: Snatch 2,2,2,1,1,1 Workout: "Slam and Snatch" It has been too long that we have been without D-balls. So, now that we have them back I intend to make good use of them. Coaches, you may have to run a couple heats for this workout depending on class size. 21,15,9 D-ball slams (12 lbs/20 lbs) Snatch - yes a power snatch is acceptable for this wod (75 lbs/105 lbs) -Kermit