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Monday is TEST day this week

CrossFit Vancouver has an amazing community and I am sure you all feel as lucky as I do to be a part of it. For me the CFV community makes me complete, it fills that little hole. We have such a unique place that is tight, well rounded and filled with many amazing people. As you go into the school this week you will notice the new “WALL OF RESPECT” The people on the wall have been part of our community for 5 or more years and are the building blocks of CrossFit Vancouver. Its people like this that make our community strong. They are humble, loyal, authentic, loving and darn right good fun! Also they are people that everyone wants to workout with! What made them stick around???? Pup explained how he hates the workouts it’s the people he comes in for! JB said he misses meetings but always finds time to workout! Andy talked about belonging from the moment he walked through the door! Its our community, its YOU! That’s what people stay for! Want to get on the wall…………stick around for 5 years and you will go up. The Veteran Appreciation night is a new annual event and new faces will be placed on the wall each year.   Monday: Test Day Tech: Clean and Jerk, try and find a new 1 rep max DONT PULL EARLY! And make sure you lock out the Jerk! WOD: Grace 30 Clean and Jerks (135/95lb) Giddy Up! Dashie