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Monday Jan 30th - needs content

Warm-up: 20 Dowel Dislocates 20 Reverse Dowel Dislocates With an empty bar: 20 Hang Cleans 20 Cleans 20 Push Press 20 Split Jerks Strength: Warm-up your clean and jerk to the weight you will start the workout. Workout: Partner Clean and Jerk Ladder **Each partner will work one minute and then rest one minute as the other partner works. This entire workout is done Every Minute on the Minute. The loads decrease but the reps increase every 6 minutes. 1-6 minutes: 4 Clean and Jerks EMOM (155 lbs/105) 7-12 minutes: 6 Clean and Jerks EMOM (135/95) 13-18 minutes: 8 Clean and Jerks EMOM (115/75) 19-24 minutes: 10 Clean and Jerks EMOM (96/65 lbs) So, to make this really clear: In minute one, partner A will do 4 Clean and Jerks at 155 lbs., while the partner B RESTS. In minute two, partner B will do 4 clean and jerks, while partner A RESTS. Therefore, each partner will ONLY work for 12 of the total 24 minutes of the workout. The entire workout is an EMOM. NOTE that every six minutes, you must decrease the load on your bar and increase the reps by 2. Change you load quickly every six minutes so you're ready to go at the top of the next minute. Put your faster partner second as he will likely get through the clean and jerks faster, making weight changes easier.