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Monday: Last Week of Shoulder Press/Back Squat Series

A while ago, Corey posted a video that got a lot of attention on this site. It was a preview video for a proposed Naked Fran workout at Wreck Beach. Much hilarity ensued as he interviewed dozens of hesitant CrossFitters who were less than eager to get naked. "Hell no, that sounds awful," said Andy. "I don't want my hog to freak people out," added Colter. Corey persisted until he found 9 brave souls to strip down and hit one of the dirtiest CrossFit workouts ever: Fran... As a participant, I'll admit it was only awkward for a brief moment. Once I was out of breath I forgot I was naked, even as The Afghan gazed at a full frontal view of both myself and Carolyn busting out pull ups flopping all about. So without further ado, here's the evidence. And you can continue to follow Corey's Fran Journey across Europe here: FRAN JOURNEY MONDAY: PAVELS Warm-up: 3 Cindy Rounds (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats) Tech: 1 rep max shoulder press (Post to comments if you PB on your shoulder press after all these weeks of working on them) WOD: 10 sets of 10 Back Squats Choose your own load (45-60% of your 1 rep. max). Take a good two minutes off between each set. - Eunice