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Monday March 23

Today's Workout 7 Snatch (95/65lbs) 3 Muscle Ups 200m Run 5 Rounds image "The "Goat" concept (introduced to me by San Francisco CrossFit) is simple. A "Goat" is an exercise or movement you suck at, hate, or both. This can include anything from running, thrusters, handstands, or stretching your hamstrings. This point is, we should work harder at the things we suck at instead of always trying to improve what we're already good at. Spending some time during your warm-up or cool-down to improve some of your "goats" will make a HUGE difference in how fast you progress!" I lifted this from Crossfit Ventura's site. Start practicing, there is an excellent chance if you are a Crossfit Vancouver member or online follower you are going to be spending some quality time with your own particular 'Goat' in the next few days. Post three of your biggest "goats" to comments.