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Training Plan for Monday May 21st 2018

take approx 30 min to complete

5 rounds of 8-12 reps of

A1) i) strict hspu
ii) pike push up
iii) push up

A2) i) strict pull up
ii) AHAP ring row

A3) squat to box

3 sets of 5 @2222 - 50% of 3RM b.squat


B) 3RM back squat

C) 12 min to complete

- wall balls - 4-6% of 3RM f.squat
- i) double unders ii) 2x single skips

D) 2 rounds

- 2 min dowel sit
- 2 min front rack mobility - coaches choice


- goal is to achieve sets of 10 for A1) and A2)
- only one set per round is allowed (no breaking up)
- complete 3RM if not already