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Monday Morning Heavy Sheppie

Alright Y'all. Got a great week planned for us. The movements we practice at CrossFit require both skill and strength. We are "The Sport of Fitness." Athletes must have well rounded games to succeed in their respective sports. Michael Jordan will always be heralded for his offense but few remember he was an incredible defender. Everyone knows where their weaknesses lie. Yet many of us avoid them. Its like hiding under the sheets when an axe murderer is coming to hack you into little pieces. I urge all of you to consider where your weakness lie, and take the steps to gain more competance in these areas. Talk to your coaches, talk to each other, put in the work, and we can all improve as a community. There is no end to how much CrossFit can challenge you and there is no end to how much you can rise to the occassion. This week I've chosen some exercises that we, including me, need to work on. Lets get down with our inner Badass and have some fun doing it!! We are going to lift heavy today. Front Squat Shoulder Press 3,3,3,3,3,3 Reps must be done in threes. Allowed 2 failures on each exercise. Your score is your total weight lifted divided by your bodyweight. Might hurt the big guys if they don't have a good day (or ate too much pizza this weekend). Smaller kids with decent lifts could do well here. Let's go hard at this. Sheppie