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Training Plan for Monday November 19th 2018

A1) farmer hold bulgarian split squat

- 3 sets of 4/4 @22X2

A2) cossack squat

- 3 sets of 4/4 @2222

B1) single arm DB high pull

- 3 sets of 8R/8L - climbing

B2) single arm DB shoulder press or landmine press

- 3 sets of 8/8 - climbing

C) 14 min to complete



- single arm DB front squats - approx 25% bdywt
- lateral burpee over DB

D) 2 minutes of each

- kneeling wrist extension stretch
- 10 second closed fist wrist rotations


- be aware of tempos during the single leg squatting in part A)
- during the high pulls and the shoulder press and high pulls be sure to lower the weight slower than you bring it up
- goal is to use a weight that will challenge you during the squats in part C)