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Training Plan for Monday September 10th 2018

A1) 5 sets of 1.1.1

i) split jerk
ii) single arm DB split jerk (per side)
iii) single arm split stance DB press (per side)
iv) split stance landmine press (per side)

A2) L-sit variation

5 sets of 20-60s

i) hanging
ii) ring support
iii) parallette
iv) seated
v) double leg KB lift-offs

B) 0:00-5:00 min to complete one of the following


- i) strict hspu ii) pike iii) push up
- i) bar muscle up ii) chest to bar variation iii) pull up variation iv) ring rows AHAP

5:00-10:00 min to rest

10:00-15:00 min to complete the same rep scheme previously performed

C) 2 minutes per side
1/2 kneeling overhead lat stretch
1/2 kneeling shoulder rotations


- adhere to red-yellow green light
- goal is to finish part B) variation each time