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Monday September 6th

Happy Labour Day! Warm Up: 5pm Coach feel free to get creative or if you want a warm up suggestion I've posted suggested warm-ups for this week's WOD's inside the coaches office. Today's Tech: Sumo Deadlift Max 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Go HEAVY, get 7 heavy singles of this lift and see how you do. Workout: Getting It Up 3 Rounds 9x 36”/30” box jump 6x alternating TGU (30/20) 3x OHS (95/65) Rope Climb 3 min rest Reclaiming Human Potential In industrialized nations we are so inactive that we often forget how much our bodies are capable of. CrossFit to me is about reclaiming our birth right. We often look to gymnasts, power lifters, elite CrossFitters and other highly trained athletes for inspiration but it is by looking at the capabilities of average, untrained individuals in less-industrialized societies that we get a very eye-opening look at the work capacity that human beings once took for granted. Thanks to Robin who forwarded me the following 3 videos of Haitian citizens rebuilding after the earthquake. I was humbled and awed.