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Monday - Shameless self-promotion and Heavy Front Squats

1. Shameless Self-Promotion: A wise man once told me that if you're not offending 20% of the population (arguably the bottom 20%), then you're doing something wrong. In this CrossFit Journal story I wrote - When Murph Met Cindy - I appear to have struck a chord with some readers. My first instinct was to be offended that they were offended, as this story was meant purely for humour. But then I realized that as a journalist, I should take this as a compliment: the more people who read, the more people who become emotional when they read, the more people who comment, the more controversy I can stir up, the better. A bunch of you told me they were recently bumped off their Journal subscription, so here's a pdf of the journal story: When Murph Met Cindy Who is offended? 2. Monday: Front Squat Fever Warm-up: 10 minute squat (Sit at the bottom of your squat for 10 minutes). Get your hips open. Tech: Front Squats/Glute Ham Raises 3-5 heavy sets of 3 front squats. In between sets, hit up the GH machine for 8-10 glute ham raises (use bands if you need to). WOD: 5 Front Squats every minute on the minute for 15 mins -You must clean your first front squat (no racks) -Choose your own load: I did this workout last week with 60% of my max front squat. It was TOUGH to complete! I wouldn't recommend going much higher than 60% of your max. We just did a max front squat two weeks ago, so hopefully everyone has an idea where their front squat is at. - Leaderboard is heaviest load (must complete all 15 rounds) EUNICE