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Monday & Tuesday’s Workouts

Monday Inspired by Team Canada's gold medal performance it is time revisit an old classic. Hockey Night in Canada, sort of... unfortunately most of our d-balls are not in the best of shape. So, instead may I present... Hockey NIght in Canada, with Burpees! Alright, now that I have everyone's attention here's the breakdown. 10 rounds 30 seconds wallballs (20lbs/14lbs) 30 seconds burpees 2 minute break in between rounds. This workout is best done with a partner to count for you. After group one finishes the first round give the partners 30 seconds to get in place. This allows for 30 seconds transition between the two groups. That is: Group 1 - 0:00 Group 2 - 1:30 Group 1 - 3:00 Group 2 - 4:30 etc. Make sure each wallball touches the white line and that on every burpee the chest touches the ground. Your score is the total number of repetitions. Tuesday Tuesday is snatch development day. For technique we will be working on getting underneath of the bar fast. Work with tall snatches and heaving snatch balances. For the workout we have the following. Number of rounds in 20 minutes 1 snatch (full snatch, if you power snatch you must do a full overhead squat) 3 heaving snatch balances 6 OHS 200 m run The weight on this one should be relatively light. Ladies try 65 lbs and gents 95 lbs. If that proves to be too much scale the weight so that you are comfortable bringing it back down onto your shoulders from the initial snatch.