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Monday: Who is Romeo Foxtrot

The evening crew has spoken: “Who to F is this Romeo Foxtrot dude?” echoes between sets of deadlifts at 6 pm. For a while now, Romeo Foxtrot – commonly know as Ryan – has been making some noise in the early hours of the morning, finding himself near the top of the leaderboard on many occasions. It has gotten to the point where some evening folks are getting angry. The other night, The Pup paced back and forth and mandated a new law. “If you post to the leaderboard, you have to put up a picture. It  should be a rule,” the Pup grunted in his puppy-like way. So without further ado, it’s time to expose who this man is. Part of the Pride of 7 am: Romeo Foxtrot. Technique: Overhead squats (5,3,2,1,1) **** If your OHS is limited because of your shoulder/hip flexibility and your max OHS is less than 65 pounds, then do 5 sets of 5 OHS with whatever you’re able to OHS with to full depth. Workout: ‘Sinister Six SPRINT Intervals’ 6 rounds for time with ONE minute rest between each round. Hit each round HARD since you’re going to be catching your breathe for one minute in between rounds. Each round should be a full-out sprint! 6 burpees 6 box jumps (20"/24") 6 wall balls (12 lbs/20 lbs) 6 kb swings (red/black) 6 double unders 6 squats LEADERBOARD: Subtract 5 minutes of rest from your time. - EUNICE and KERM