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Guest Coach designs Labour Day Monday's ultra functional WOD

Monday's WOD (4 pm class only) is designed by Lars, CrossFit Insider. He actually has some wise things to say... A stick to the ass for the CrossFit Insider Whenever I go back to the farm for a visit I inevitably run into one of my dad's old farmer friends and shake their hands. It's remarkable the size and strength of all those hands that have been forged by 60+ years of hard manual labor. I believe one of the reasons Crossfit exists is because the countless white collar cubicle workers have finally rebelled to the anti-physical modern world of todays economy, and Crossfit is an extension of that rebellion......however, no matter how many barbells Andy Sack hoists, I can't help but think guys like him and I will never get that 'Old Man Strength' forged by back breaking manual labor. One of the reasons probably has to do with the mechanical differences associated with a 'box' and a 'farm'. A barbell has an even consistent weight to it regardless if there is 45 pounds loaded onto it, or 400 pounds. A kettlebell, while heavy, is mechanically built to be lifted and moved with a certain degree of efficiency. I'd bet a 75lb kettlebell is easier to move up a flight of stairs then a 50lb bale of hay. The point of all this is this. 20 years of awkward hoisting produces a certain strength that 20 years of max lifts doesn't seem to. So let's take a little journey into the life of a mexican migrant worker or a hick farm boy, but let's do it for time, because after all this is Crossfit, and most of us do work in a cubicle. WOD: Handstand walk 150' 1 thrusty (95#, 65#) for every fall on the handstand walk (Maximum of 10 fails) 200m carry (1 pale, 1 light kettlebell for men, 1 pale for ladies) 10 clean and jerks(135#, 95#) 200m wheelbarrow shuttle with grossly over loaded wheel barrow, laborers must load their own fucking weight. We will provide items to load. Empty the wheelbarrow and perform 15 clean and jerks with the empty wheelbarrow. (I did it tonight, it's awkward.) Girls C+J a pale. 200m run with 1 pale. 10 thrustys. #135, 95# 200m run with empty wheelbarrow. 10 thrustys with drywall pale. (girls will use a kettlebell) 200m sprint finish. This WOD should give us crossfitters a small example of the differences of barbell lifting VS. implement lifting. Coaches warm the atheletes up with a spirit run and some crab and bear walking to get those hands and wrists ready. Then finish the warm up with each athlete spending some time practising a few lifts with the wheelbarrow and pale. The wheelbarrow weighs about 45lbs and the drywall pale weighs 65lbs. We will be bringing enough equipmeent to the track for progressions so anyone can come and scale if need be, so don't be afraid to come out. Some of us are meeting at 2pm to try this WOD out if anyone wants to hit it a little earlier. Should be lot's of kids around also and most will have bikes for any parents out there who want to get in a playdate with a WOD. And to top it off we will have a BBQ and meat on the go!!! Bring your spare change and have a burger. Reminder: Meet at Britannia track at 4 pm. Or come at 2 pm. A bunch of us are hitting the workout then. (To get there, head north on McLean. Go a couple blocks North of First Avenue, and voila. Britannia Community Centre, and the track, is at William and McClean.) This track workout is designed by a guest coach Lars 'CrossFit Insider.' Check out the CrossFit Villa Facebook page (where he regularly programs and has quite the following).