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MONDAY's workout - need content

Monday Tech: 3-rep Consecutive Rep Thruster Ladder (Every minute on the minute, you must complete 3 consecutive reps) - Girls start 65 lbs - Men start at 95 lbs Every minute, add 10 pounds. You get one attempt each minute to hit three consecutive thrusters. You may rest in the rack position, or overhead, but you may not put the bar down. Partner up and do this in two heats. Have your partner change the weight for you, and judge your reps. This is the leaderboard today Workout: Fran Numbers but in an EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE FORM READ carefully. It's not complicated, but it might take more than half a second to process. What we're doing is Fran numbers, but broken up. Fran - 21, 15, 9 – means you’re doing 45 thrusters and 45 pull ups. We’re going to do that today, but in sets of 5. More specifically, you’ll be doing 9 sets of 5. It’s up to you to decide your pace for these sets of 5. Your Options: 1). 5 thrusters AND 5 pull-ups every 20 seconds on the 20 seconds 2). 5 thrusters AND 5 pull-ups every 30 seconds on the 30 seconds 3). 5 thrusters AND 5 pull-ups every 45 seconds on the 45 seconds 4). 5 thrusters AND 5 pull-ups every minute on the minute Keep in mind what your selection equates to: 1). If you do five and five every 20 seconds, then you’re doing 15 thrusters and 15 pull ups every minute for three minutes, which essentially means you probably have a near sub-3-minute Fran time to choose this option. 2). If you choose to do your 5 thrusters and 5 pull ups every 30 seconds, then you’re doing 10 thrusters and 10 pull ups per minute and you would begin your 9th and final set of 5 at 4:30, meaning you'd finish in under 5 minutes. If your Fran time is close to 5 minutes, this is probably a good option for you. 3). Every 45 seconds means you'll begin your 9th set of fives at 6:00. 4). Finally, every minute on the minute means your last set starts at 8:00 and you'd finish in under 9 minutes! Newbies, this is probably the best option for you. I want everyone to scale this in a way that they can do a 9-minute "broken up Fran." Maybe this means going lighter on the thruster or maybe it means adding a band. But make sure you can finish in 9 minutes at the most! On the flip side, if you have a sub-3 minute Fran, try this with a heavier thruster OR chest to bar pull ups and then see if you can hold every 20 seconds on the 20 seconds. Capiche? - Eunice and Kermit