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Mother Trucker - My Diet is holding me back

That was a very humbling workout today. I believe I caught a brief case of "pussitis" after breakfast and it lasted until Reto showed me how to step up and f*(king squat 30 in a row. Thanks Brother - looking back now ....I believe I was in this carb induced daze where my mind was thinking this stuff is hard or something. I'm convinced it's the damn popcorn mixed with Guldlen Draak and the chick flick I watched last night. Who wants some Redinbacker and a cheap air popper?? On to better things - This Sunday I'm kicking off an additional Sunday class at 2pm followed by an informal nutrition and programming discussion for all that want to express some of their thoughts on both those topics. I'm going to host these Sunday Sessions for 6 weeks and if there's good attendance I'll keep them going. I also hope to bring in a few guest speakers that will interest our crew at Crossfit Vancouver. Topics from eating, cooking, motivating, programming, rehab and physio to general good health will be discussed. Anyway, post your ideas and we'll make what we can, happen.
Paleo Challenge - Post your food log for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning to this blog's comment section.
Let's read it! Put it down - how ever bad it was. It's confession time. Wednesday's Workout "Michael's Bitchin Auntie" 800 Run 21 HSPU's 30 V-Sits 800m Run 15 HSPU's 30 V-Sits 800m Run 9 HSPU's 30 V-Sits - umbrellas, parkas, and toques allowed - Abmats for HSPU's and bent leg V-Sits are progressions Thursday Workout RETURN OF THE "WIDOWMAKER" -Get in there and back squat as much weight as you can for 20 Reps. Cooldown will be a much needed 15 minute stretch session. T to the ICantbelieveImissedtheleaderboard Bear whocaughtabriefcaseofPussitiscauseofalltheharmfulbuttastycarbsIchosetoputintomymou