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Muscle on Up and Row your butt off!

I hope yesterday went well for everyone. Maybe some new personal bests out there or some lessons learned? Today we're going to take the typical gymnastics Wednesday and give it a little twist. Today is a two part workout. Coaches should split the class up into two groups and start one group on Workout A and one group on Workout B - halfway through class have the groups switch. And the workouts are... Workout A: Muscle Up 3,3,3,3,3 Workout B: 2K Row No time component to the muscle ups. Goal is a strength session, so the expectation is 5 sets of 3 reps at the greatest progression you can do where 3 reps would be difficult (strict, kipping, no false grip, band assisted, bar-ups etc.). If you don't have muscle ups, we're trying to train the transition so stay away from the pullup/dip progression and try something else. Warmup the row with some easy rowing and and some short sprints. I'd recommended maybe 3x135 m at an increasing level of effort each time. Say 70, 80, and then 90% and 1 minute rest between efforts. Get that heart pumping good. Then a nice rest and hit it! Emily told me before my first 2K that I should feel like I want to die at the 1K mark, I distinctly remember approaching it like that and not really being able to unstrap myself from the rower afterwards. I'm not sure if this is the best way to approach today - I guess you could pace it, but pssh... no guts, no glory...! The leaderboard will be your 2K Row time. And if you have 7 minutes check out the video below. American runner Galen Rupp shattered the American Record in the 10,000 m by over 10 seconds on the weekend, which is a huge margin in this event. He placed 3rd in the heat behind a couple of world class African runners. The final lap is just an impressive battle and an equally impressive double kick by Kenenisa Bekele to take the win. These guys just run so smooth. Anyways, Enjoy! Cheers, Dan.