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Musings from the Crotch

We’ve had some good discussions on the website lately, a bit of controversy, a bit of arguing, a bit of monkey psychology, good stuff. In the interest of keeping this trend going, building and strengthening our community, and having a bit of fun along the way, it’s time to try something a bit different every weekend. The idea is to follow the example of the site; these guys have, pretty much since the start, posted an interesting “rest day” article or link for reflection & comment every 4th day when no WOD is posted. The goal is to generate some good discussions and get people thinking a bit more about the world we live in; work on our mental fitness as well as physical fitness. Ground Rules: 1) try to be nice 2) don’t get pissed off & sue Patty for posting controversial shit on the website Now for our first attempt: “Post thoughts to comments” GC Ginger Crotch is in Vegas right now....Pray for him and wish him luck. Saturday Lesson Plan: Warm up: 75 wall balls (compare to 1st time) Tech: Double Unders (How Many in a row) WOD: 1 mile Piggy back race You can only switch 5 times ( 5 times) Do not dear move forward after you come off the back. No rollie rollies. PIG Sunday: Coaches Choice smile