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“My Big Fat Diet” airing on CBC Tuesday Night at 10pm

image One of our favorite clients, Jeanne Slater worked on this tv show for the CBC It is Basically "Supersize Me meets Northern Exposure in My Big Fat Diet when a First Nations community off Vancouver Island gives up sugar and junk food, returning to a traditional style of eating for a year to fight obesity and diabetes. Together they'll lose over 1200 lbs and are now calling on other First Nations to take the weight loss challenge." The lead researcher, Dr. Wortman, is challenging the standard view of the heart-smart and diabetes diets and the whole Health Canada food pyramid. He's advocating getting calories from fat, not carbs. Check out the show, for more click on My Big Fat Diet The evidence against the low fat - high carb diet is piling up fast and furious, but it should be noted that, in the 70's, to be a skeptic of this "movement" was to be a heretic. Many scientists who disagreed were muzzled or ridiculed and eventually driven underground. Look around us today, what is the big "movement" that has scientists who raise concerns being labeled as heretics and infidels? Does Anthropogenic Global Warming fit this bill? I, for one, am a heretic and I am not alone. Global Warming Payola Dear Chicken Little.......The sky is not falling smile Patty Luves yas......get into MadLab tonight