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Coach Tom's Shoutout to Everyone at MLS

I have had the great opportunity to work with so many people inside and outside of the gym over my nearly five years at MLS. 

I have the privilege of having a job that never feels like work. Every day of the year I look forward to walking through the gym doors.

An awesome job also comes with awesome perks. I have had endless opportunities to coach people in competition settings inside and outside of the gym. To narrow it down to one best experience would be an impossible feat. 

One of the biggest reasons I started coaching was to help nurture and create change in people. I started coaching because, although I may have stern and serious exterior, inside I truly want to see people succeed. 

This past weekend it became abundantly clear that I am doing exactly what I set out to do and it is because of the people in this community. 

As I left Festivus this past weekend and was driving back to the gym to help coach Landon through one of his Masters Qualifier workouts, I was able to reflect on all the opportunities that have been presented to me over the years. Opportunities to help people improve and succeed. 

May 2013 - Though I wasn't coaching, this was my first experience with Emily at Regionals. 

May 2014 - I had the opportunity to coach a team of Lumber, Dan, Ryan, Nathalie, Meagan and Natalie at the Canada West Regionals. I also got to experience and be a part of Emily qualifying for the 2014 Games. 

July 2014 - 2014 Games with Emily. Again, although I was not her coach, it was still an incredible experience. 

August 2014 - Partake in running and programming Nutts Cup. 

November 2014 - Coach a team of Lumber, Dan, Emily and Natalie, a team of Amy, Meagan, Sean and Darren and Cam as an individual athlete at the Winter Challenge.

November 2014 - Take on a larger role in running MadLab 7.0.

May 2015 - My first experience coaching an individual athlete at Regionals as Natalie and Emily both qualified for the West Regional competition. 

August 2015 - Partake in running and programming Nutts Cup. 

November 2015 - Compete on a team with Darren, Nathalie and Alana at the Winter Challenge while coaching Natalie, Sean and Abe as individuals. 

November 2015 - Take on full control of MadLab 8.0.

May 2016 - Coaching Natalie again at the 2016 West Regionals.

August 2016 - Partake in running and programming Nutts Cup.

November 2016 -  Coach Natalie at the Cascade Classic. 

April 2017 - Coach Landon through the Masters Qualifier competition

April 2017 - Coach and assist Natasha, Erin, Kari, Caron, Caleigh, Kim, Jocelyne, Marin, Tony and Lex at The Festivus Games. 

June 2017 - Coach Natalie at 2017 West Regionals. 

August 2017 - Partake in running and programming Nutts Cup.

November 2017 - MadLab 10.0 - Get ready folks. 

I just wanted to thank anyone who has given me the opportunity to not only help them inside of the gym but outside of the gym in these unique and challenging settings. 

I get more satisfaction than you will ever know seeing you guys put yourselves out there and test your limits. 

Coach Tom