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Never Let Go - Dan John

So, I really like this book. It's worth being on anyone coaches shelf. Simple, to the point experiences of a super well rounded fitness and strength coach.image A workout stood out and the one that he states "not one of my clients ever complained that didn't work," was this: 30 Back Squats rest 30 Back Squats rest and 30 back squats to finish. Load the bar at 60/50/40 of 1RM. Saturday's Class Warmup: can be the coaches choice Technique: Back Squat Alignment and positioning Your going to work with a partner/coach on this Workout: "High Volume.High Intensity. Circa 1979" 30 Back Squats @ 60%1RM (Partner 1) 30 Back Squats @ 60%1RM (Partner 2) 30 Back Squats @ 50%1RM (Partner 1) 30 Back Squats @ 50%1RM (Partner 2) 30 Back Squats @ 40%1RM (Partner 1) 30 Back Squats @ 40%1RM (Partner 2) post your teams time to the leaderboard. New Files Uncovered - enjoy image image