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Tips From TBear

Coach TBear gives some tips on how to go about cheat days if you are someone who is trying to maintain a healthy, strict food regime.


When's my cheat day?  How often?

It's a consistent question we coaches receive from our new and existing clients. 

Here are my "Pre-Summer Tips," for those interested in weight-loss before summer. 

1. It's a cheat meal, not a day. Choose breakfast, lunch or dinner. Once a week.

2. It can't be at home

3. it can't be by yourself, and you have to be in public with another person, and you also get one hour, and

you can't bring anything home. 

4. Don't try to game this weight loss thing.

5. If you achieve 1 to 4 above for 2 continuous weeks then you can add a 2nd cheat every 5 days.

The goal is to generate positive eating behaviours for the long term.  So invoking some of the psychosocial pressures (rules 2,3) tends to guard against bringing the junk food into the house and turning cheat meals into cheat days, and snacking poorly all week long.  And hey - I'm happy you did 5,000 calories on the bike last night. That being said, if your goal is consistency with food, that hard bike effort doesn't earn you an immediate cheat meal.