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New Classes added to the Schedule, Machine Madness Day 5

Beginning Wednesday July 9th we will be adding new classes to the schedule to keep up with an ever growing group of fire breathers at our gym. Here it is Monday 4pm (patty), Wednesday 5pm (Popeye), Friday 4pm (Jailbird) A classic Video from Glassman's Gym....we haven't done these in a long time?? Today was hard and heavy, tomorrow is going to be fast and light. Completely different hit, have some fun with it! As many rounds as you can in 10 minutes of: 100m Ball RUN (not jog) 10 Dball Slams 10 Jumping pullups Rules: Ball run is from the back door to the entrance of the drive way-this should be a sprint Weight for the ball run and dballs is 12lbs for girls and 20lbs for boys Jumping pullups are done by building a platform so your wrists are just over the bar. Jump straight up and down, no incurve or outcurve is necessary. HIT