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New Interrogation Files Found - compiling for a Friday post

Battlepaleo Finale closing in. The pinching start tomorrow. Times Thursday - 12 Noon to 1pm and 6 to 7pm. Sunday pinches - 2pm to 6pm This is a Thursday & Friday Workout Post - prepare for the fresh air Start with the Burgener Warm-up Skills: Snatch Balance & Overhead Squats Thursday Workout: 8 to 10 Rounds of 1 Snatch Balance and 10 Overhead Squats. (post load to leaderboard) - No Time Limit Friday Bring your thermals, ear muffs and headlamp if your a 6 a.m.'er. Technique and Warm-up: Close Grip Bench Press (5,5,5,5,5) Leave one half hour for your semi-annual crossfit induced short distance run. Leaderboard Workout "A 3 mile Run " use our 1 mile track. Record your interval times for future reference. Total time goes to leaderboard. Bring some mid afternoon competition - I'll do it around 2:30pm and spot Patty and Charlie 2 mins. TBear