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NEW LOCATION IS OPEN: 1261 EAST 2ND AVE - (2nd & Clark)

View Larger Map It is Finally DONE...........We are moved into the new location 1261 East 2nd ave (Clark & 2nd...west down over the hill) All classes and PT sessions are now in the new Gym God Bless all you hardy buggers who logged all those long hours moving us over the weekend. Special Thanks to: Darren "BK" Lindwall, Jailhouse Pammer, TBEAR, Sheppie, Zola, Pops, Kohler, Ramon & Shauna, Greazy, Darcy, Wyness, Kermie, Machine, Steffie, Zilla, Ant, Remington, Tweety, Bull, and my sister "The Beav" for spending her entire holiday cleaning and organizing shit. It takes a community to raise a baby.