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New Movement For MadLab - The Kneeling Step Out With Rotation


On Thursday of this week we will be doing a new movement in our accessory piece.  Its called the kneeling step out with rotation. 

However, it is not really new...  If you've ever played a sport you've done some variation of this movement.  

The idea is to stabilize your lower body, keep your balance and rotate your upper body.  This is how Nadal smashes his backhand in Tennis.  This is how Dustin Johnson hits 340 yard drives.  This is how Al Iafrate had the hardest slapshot in the NHL for over a decade (Ok I may have dated myself with that last example...).

Now I'm not saying you have to turn as hard as they do but it is an imperative movement to practice in order to be a well rounded athlete.

Check out this video showing the movement and describing the different progressions.

Looking forward to practicing this with you all.  :-)