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New Shirts and Hoodies!!!

image Check out our newest line of shirts and hoodies. Be the coolest kid on your block. smile We have decided to sell them at only a fraction above cost ($20 for American Apparel t-shirts, and $40 for 16 oz King Hoodies is a steal) GET YOURS TODAY Monday's Workout - "3 Burner Progression" 3 short hard fast workouts, each a little longer than the one before it. Bust open the Phosphate Creatine and glycogen pathways Coaches: Do a short warm up of your choosing (go over the movements as the tech portion) 50 D-Ball slams (20/12) - rest 5-7 minutes 75 Wall balls - Rest 5-7 minutes Navy Seal 1,000 m row, 50 thrusters (45/35), 30 pullups Add up all 3 scores for a total