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New Technology of the Week: The Stench Odometer!

Telling someone they smell is always tricky business.

We’ve definitely come across this from time to time at the gym: Someone in class has B.O., or wears the same t-shirt every day and smells musky, but everyone is scared too address it. Except Andy: If you smell and Andy's around, he'll lend you his stick of deodorant.

Have you ever wondered if you are one of those funky-smelling folks, and the people in your life haven’t had the balls to break it to you? Or possibly nearly as bad, maybe you have putting on too much perfume or cologne and are poisoning your loved ones’ noses?

You can stop wondering because there’s a device that will tell you if, and how much you smell!

A Japanese company has just released a device that can tell you how bad your body odour is. All you will have to do is turn on the Tanita ES-100, flip out the sensor and point it to the part of your body that might be releasing suspicious odours.

It’s no surprise this new technology—which uses a similar technology to a breathalyzer test—comes from Japan, a country that takes body odour and impeccable hygiene seriously. Don’t try to leave your shoes on in someone’s home in Japan!

Once you scan the area, the machine takes about 10 seconds before spitting how putrid your body odour is, ranking you from 0 to 10. 0 means you have nothing to worry about, while 10 indicates you have probably been losing friends due to your bad odor. If you receive a score of 5, it essentially means it’s time to deal with your aroma. Or maybe it’s just time to shower. The device, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, also tells you if your perfume, deodorant, cologne, aftershave might be causing a ruckus to noses that come into contact with it.

Right now, the ES-100 is on sale in Japan for 13,824 yen (around US$125). This gets you about 2,000 scans until you have to replace that part of the machine.

While we’re on the topic, let’s address foot odor. I don’t know a single person who trains hard and sweats in the who hasn’t had a moment where they become embarrassed because their feet smell.

Alas, FIVE simple STEPS to stopping stinky feet and shoes!

Shower your feet: Wash your feet every day: It’s easy to forget about your feet in the shower, or at least to neglect them more than other crevices of the body. Take the time to get in between your toes and scrub hard. And then thoroughly dry your feet afterward.

SHOE best practices: Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row, as they never fully dry overnight after a sweaty session. Give the pair you just wore two days to dry and trade off on a sort of shoe rotation. And definitely don’t keep them all cooped up in a gym bag overnight! Also, shoes with leather lining is way better for sweat evaporation than plastic linings.

PUMICE STONE: Bacteria LOVE dead skin, and no matter what you do, the bottom of your feet are going to generate patches of dead skin. Take the time to remove this skin (especially if you don’t get regular pedicures) with a pumice stone.

Foot deodorant: There are actual deodorants and antiperspirants for your feet. Look into it.

Let your feet breathe: When you get a chance, walk around barefoot and let your feet breathe from time to time.

Just trying to make the air around us all a little fresher…