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Next Saturday: Fancypants' Going Away Party - Come on out!

Ana ‘Fancypants’ has been a staple of this joint for many years now. But her reign as CrossFit Vancouver’s sexiest little number is about to take a new turn. Ana is moving back to her native Brazil next month to open her own CrossFit gym in her hometown. It’s a bitter-sweet experience for this community. We wish her the best of luck as she spreads her Fancypants wings toward the next chapter of her life, but we will miss her dearly. It really feels like a piece of our family is being ripped off. I asked around to find out what people will miss most about Ana. “You mean, besides her bum?” asked the Donkey. “Um, I’ll miss Sheppy fondling her during the 11 am class,” he added. T-Bear rang in with, “Ana, leave a pair of those fancypants for the wall.” Meagan ‘Mini Pussy,’ one of Ana’s clients said: “Ana started out as my coach and soon became a great friend. I will miss walking into the gym and being greeted with smiles, hugs, kisses, and, of course, the fanciest pants.” Marlaena added: “You’ve been my training partner, my partner in crime, and you’ce become one of my closest friends. I’ll miss you a ton and wish you all the best.” Charlie Palmer summed it up: “She’s built like a hot rod. But she is also very kind hearted…just overall she’s a sweetheart. If there’s something you want to say to Ana before she leaves, or you just want to join in for a great Going Away celebration and Christmas Party, come out next Saturday (December 8th) to the Academic on West Broadway. The coaches and Ana will arrive at 10 pm. ACADEMIC