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2018 Dude - Darcy Mercer

Every year at Nutts Cup, we honour our friend and comrade Andy Nutts by selecting a member of the community who most exemplifies his strength of character.

Words from Patty about Andy Nuttall:

"Andy was a beauty, and probably the most unique person I have ever met.  He was open-hearted and a giving person, always helping others, always staying late to clean up, paint or help a newbie with a difficult new skill.

Andy was a strong dude and spoke his mind when shit didn’t sit right with him.

He was also cool as hell, and FUNNY!  

He would take one for the team, get in a fight for you, help the slow kid in class, close up the parties then bike to work in the rain to teach the 6am class.


We are now accepting nominations.

You have until Thursday at 2pm to Nominate a Dude and then the finalists will be announced Friday August 9th and voting begins!

Dude is announced Saturday after the Prizegiving. 

Nominate at this LINK or at the GYM 


Previous winners:

2018: Darcy Mercer

2017: Wendy 'Clyde' Lecheng

2016: Chris 'Sheppy' Saini

2015: Cory ‘Bieber’ Jenkins

2014: Audrey ‘Squad’ Patterson

2013: Geoff 'The Pup' Fraser

2012: Charlie ‘CFP’ Palmer

2011: Bradleah ‘Pinky’ Dahlman