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Strict Handstand Pushup and prerequisites

People are always asking when they’ll get a strict handstand pushup so I gathered what I think is needed.  Norman was the greenest candidate that has never even tried one so it led us to gather pretty much all the other necessities needed as well.  Remember that your first few may be ugly as you'll try to dial in all the aspects but being upside down and comfortable takes some time.

How much Pressing Strength? 
-       Dumbbell Z-Press – 3 Reps with each dumbbell at least 25% of your body weight.  Norman pressed 50lb DB’s with neutral grip while seated on ground. He weighs 202lbs.  He may have been able to press a couple more pounds but definitely not 55lbs DB's

Norman Z Press - HSPU Training 

Your going to also need:

-       A descent kick up and controlled wall handstand for at least 30 seconds (you’ll see Norman really have to work for this and his elbow lockout) with your midline tight (think about squeezing your butt and gut tight to avoid the break in the midline) 

-       Enough wrist flexibility as well.  You really want to be spreading the fingers and gripping the ground rather than being on the base of your palm.  Think of how hard it is to balance on your heels standing – right?

-       A Headstand and teddybear headstand and balancing the transition between the two.  This will come in handy to understand where your centre of mass needs to be.  I'll mention there should be a decent triangle between your hands and your head – think about placing your head about 4 inches in-front of your fingertips with your thumbs about shoulder width apart.  Something like the photo below.

-       A good 5 second controlled negative from handstand to headstand repeated with confidence.  Keeping your elbows at about a 45 degree angle will help you load the shoulders eccentrically to give you a better chance pressing back up. 


And here's Norman's First HSPU! - Congrats Bud.


By the way there where a few more firsts that day.  

First forward roll.

First headstand and the most ever time spent upside down in one day.