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Not as bad as Michael

It's time for another Nutts Cup Team Profile: Team Name: Under The Bus. Members: Bill 'Bilbo,' Scott 'The Sheik,' and Jenny 'The Bus.' I'm not sure what 'The Bus' is more excited about - the fact that her team is named after her, or that her horroscope at the beginning of August told her she was going to fall in love on the 28th. Let's hope it's a good one who gets 'Under the Bus' as the clock strikes midnight at the After Party on August 28th. Speaking of love, Bilbo Baggins seems to be more and more in love every time I see him, thanks to his lovely girlfriend, Lisa. This is sure to help his performance. So in sum, the hope of love, and love itself, combined with the Sheik's relentless tenacity means this team is in good shape for Saturday! Visit WODHOG for more Nutts Cup Team profiles. Wednesday's Workout: Not as Bad as Michael Tech: Get your HIPS to the BAR (work on bar muscle ups and pullovers) WOD: Not as Bad as Michael 3 Rounds 800 metre run 50 Knees to elbow 50 Good mornings **This is a nasty core workout. Don't be too proud to scale it if you need to. Although they're not that bad when you're doing them, you'll be able to feel those good mornings the next day. If you don't want to totally crush your core, do 20 or 30 knees to elbows and good mornings instead of 50. If knees to elbows are next to impossible for you, sub in ab mat sit-ups instead. Good to go, Eunice