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Not Dead, Can’t Quit

Quitting is a subtle conversation Today's Team WOD: 5 Power Cleans (135/95lbs) 10 Meter Shuttle Run Rounds in 28 min In teams of two, one member works for 2 minutes, the other rests. Switch every 2 minutes, each member starts where the other leaves off. Finisher: 30 sec of total time in a strict L sit. You can blame Sheppy for the finisher. He planted the seed a few weeks ago when he had us all do 50 double unders as fast as possible, right after every workout. Its a great idea to really own your goat. I've seen a lot of progress made with the double unders; the morning classes are finally off suicide watch whenever they get programed in. We use to really suck at the double unders, now we just kinda suck. I hope the same will happen with the Lsit. Every day this week, as soon as you finish your workout, grab a set of parellets, some low rings or the high bar and hop up into a strict Lsit and hold for as long as you can. 1 set or 15, get to 30 sec. The more fatigued you are the better. Andy