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Note re Super 7 Results

For everyone who is planning on entering madLab 3.0 I need you to submit additional information along with your Super 7 results in order to perform the power calculation. Please refer to the excel example provided. I need your height and weight in metres and kilograms preferably. In addition, any progressions used (e.g. black band, knee pushups, reduced weight), please refer to example. As well the components for the CFT and Oly Total need to be reported individually. I would encourage you to download the example given substitute in your information and then send it to me. This will help to reduce any potential data entry or conversion errors. Please have this submitted to me Kermit by the end of day on Friday. If you have any questions send me an e-mail and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Madlab_example.xls - Kermit