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November 13 and 14th - CrossFit Gymnastic Certification

image Jeff Tucker and his crew will be back in town to host this CrossFit Certification at Crossfit Vancouver. He'll help us expand the use of gymnastic skills and drills for those wanting to obtain proper form and use of gymnastics elements in CrossFit training. He's going to cover everything we do and much more from angles we only hope to get into if we had a little more flexibility. Tucker has 20 plus years of gymnastic experience and will cover the importance of proper spotting, safety and key teaching cues. Apprentice trainers and coaches should sign up now to ensure they make this local CrossFit Event. I've attended this cert twice and have found them both to be extremely helpful and beneficial to those wanting to take your skills to the next level. You can register online here Email "" with any questions or clarifications you need. Here's more Certification Info and a breakdown of what will be covered.