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An exceptionally done HSPU or squat is quite different from a poor one, just like many of our olympic lifts we do for time have a varied degree of beauty to the repulsively ugly. The subtle little variations and quality of movements need some exposure. We need to call each other out regularly because as your creativity grows your personal crossfit badass integrity lessens with that stunted range of motion. Our instructors and apprentices are challenged to create a student army of Fundamental Movement Specialists, but to get there we need to have a little help. Call them nit picky Bear rules or whatever but our apprentices, coaches, and students need to be able to spot them so we can all work toward a complete, valuable all around standard that is respected throughout our community. Case in point, Eunice mentioned a couple hours ago that there's a 3 minute difference between her Diane time on the cushie plump mat and the real floor. My response was "Of course there is, an inch or two deeper certainly matters" - [Pup commented and we moved on] So, get yourself on video a little more, Encourage your workout neighbor to keep it clean, Stay a little late and work on your post workout flexible drills, Check out the ultra valuable Crossfit Journal online, Discuss and set some new standards for yourself with your coach please share a couple frustrations and how you'd resolve them. Love to hear some thoughts Tuesday Workout image Most everyone(especially those that suffer from ADHD) love the chipper. So let's run a fun little gauntlet style WOD past everyone. The 420 Gauntlet 200m D-Ball Throw (everyone 30lbs) 40 Glute-ham Sit-ups 40 Calorie Row 20 Thighs to bar (New move) 20 Type II Burpees 20m KB Bear Crawl Details of today's rules & nuances to practice - Coaches - filter 3 athletes in at a time with sufficient lead time (limited to 3-30lb Dballs, 5 GHs & 8 rowers) - Curb to alley way sidewalk (10 feet past corner of Lulu Bldg)and back is the full 200m run - GHSU - both hands to ground, then to feet - Type II Burpee - body rigid for the pushup, chest must hit ground only(no thighs or knees to ground), then jump with arms extended straight up - Thigh to bar will improve lever strength, rope climb and muscle-up skills, can't wait for you all to try. - KB Bear Crawl - 24kg kb's for dudes, 16 for the ladies. Start at either end of workout floor in a decent plank and crank those obliques to the finish line. Tbear