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Nutrition and Behaviour

**Schedule Change This Weekend** There is a CrossFit HQ Level 1 Cert at the school this weekend. Therefore, morning classes are cancelled on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a 5:30 pm class on both days of the weekend instead. **Schedule Change This Weekend** We all know how important nutrition is for our health and performance. We talk about this all the time. Paleo Diet, fish oils, omegas 3, 6 and so on... But did you know that nutrition can also make tremendous changes in human behavior?? This lecture video by Dr Russel Blaylock has a series of important studies on both juvenile and adult prisioners showing us how poor nutrition can have a negative influence and cause criminal and antisocial behavior. It's a very interesting video and worth watching. Dr. Blaylock explains that SUGAR has the most profound influence on brain and physiological function. While sugar from processed foods is bad, the leading sources of sugar in North American diet comes from fruit juices and sodas! So here's how it works: Excess sugar makes your pancreas release an excess of insulin and causes hypoglycaemia. When your body is trying to get that blood sugar back down, it stimulates the Adrenal Glands that releases 2 hormones: Epinephrine and Norepinephrine (the hormones that makes you feel nervous after your blood sugar falls). When these hormones are stimulated the brain releases a neurotransmiter called Glutamate (which is responsible for excitement). The Glutamate combined with the 2 hormones results in HYPERACTIVE BEHAVIOR. Studies show that 78% of the prisoners were hyperactive as children and had hypoglycaemia. By changing their diet to low sugar (no processed foods) there was a major enhancement in their positive behavior. The ones that kept on good nutrition have never shown any other signs of violence and crimes while the ones that went back to their old diets (high sugar, processed carbs, juices , pops...) violated their parole. Hypoglycemia, hyperacitve behaviour, low levels of DHA and lack of vitamis and minerals can cause bad memory, depression, anxiety, neurosis, paranoia, violence, dyscontrol syndrome (temporal lobe disfunction) and lead to suicide. These are only some of the mental states shown by most criminals! A lot of people have allergies from food (mostly wheat, soy, dairy). The interesting thing that Dr. Blaylock discusses is that we can also suffer brain allergies from food that won't show any physical reactions but neurological symptoms that can affect behaviour. Ok, now you are thinking: S#@&*!!! What am I doing to me and my kids!?!?!? But wait... most of these deaseses can be reversed by good nutrition, and most of the brain cells can reconstruct itself and change behavior positively! Thursday Workout: Warm up: Burgener Warm Up Workout: 7 Rep Max Overhead Squat Finish the class a quarter to the hour. Coaches stretch out student's shoulders, back and hips. Love, Fancy Pants wink