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Nutrition Certification at Cf Vancouver - Student/Coach Meetings Next Two weeks

image Robb Wolf and the Crossfit Nutrition Team are coming to our box on January 23rd. Details on the certification are here Click here to Register I have conducted our first client meeting. It went completely different than I had imagined. It turned out to be an opportunity for my students to give us feedback on how we can get better. What might have started out as "complaints" were quickly turned into a brainstorming session as to how we can get better. Glassman always told me "your clients will tell you how to get better". He was right. I want to thank my crew for their honest feedback, very constructive criticisms,and developing ingenious solutions, it was a powerful exercise. I know we will be a better community for it. We also had a great goal setting session and developed "Study Buddy" groups for people interested in working on similar weaknesses. I don't want to give away all our ideas just yet, there may be even better feedback to come. Each one of your coaches will be setting up a time to meet over the next two weeks. I encourage you to attend and share. I have another meeting for my students who couldn't attend our first meeting at 7pm Wednesday 18th November Thursday's Lesson Plan: Warm UP: Stretch the shoulders (partner up) then do 30 shoulder press (45lbs) Tech: Handstand push ups (fool around with the handstand push up for 15 - 20 min) Start with the handstand and find your appropriate progression if you need one. Do a few pullups, and some Kb swings and run 200 m before the workout, then rest a few minutes. WOD: Helen (a Super Seven Classic) 400m run 21kb swings 12 pull ups x 3 rounds