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Nutrition Seminar and Snatch Clinic Scheduled -Nutrient War draft published

Due to the number of emails I have been receiving, it appears as if a large portion of the crossfit community has begun setting new year resolutions. Now that my diet is pretty dialed, my resolution was to get more sleep (Id been living off about 6hrs a night) and so far I started off the year with 11hrs Jan 1, 10hrs Jan 2 and 12 hrs Jan 3! To help answer everyones nutrition questions at once I have created a guide summarizing various resources relevant to the populations we cater to and will be hosting two nutrition seminars in January. One on Saturday January 25th from 1-3 and one on Thursday January 29th from 7-9pm. The following prologue (borrowed from Robb Wolf) acts as a great introduction: "We can infer that we indeed want a complete "fitness", and since nutrition-the molecular basis of health-is the foundation of an optimized fitness regime, we should want the very best nutritional strategy we can find, especially if our definition of fitness includes all parameters of health. If that is the case, then before we start slicing and dicing our food into exacting proportions, we need to have the right stuff on the plate. We can be apologist and try to be all things to all people but much like the argument that too much power lifting or long distance running will hamper your overall fitness so too will consumption of foods that are at odds with health." The guide and seminar will cover: Do's and don'ts and the reasons Why -Protein-how much is too much and how to tailor intake to meet your goals -Fat-Why we need it and facts about cholesterol -Carbs-Importance of stabilizing insulin levels, the low down on grains, danger of artificial sweeteners, making use of the post workout window... Tweaking the Zone (how to tailor it to meat your goals-mass gain and fat loss strategies Other potential options-Intermittent Fasting, the Whole Milk Debate. Cost of the seminar will be $25 (which will include the consolidated resource package) for crossfit Vancouver members and $50 for non members. The next Snatch Clinic will be Saturday January 18th from 1-4. People of all skill levels are welcome, email me in advance ( so I can get an idea of numbers. Cost of the three hour clinic is $50 for Crossfit Vancouver members, $70 for non members. Macro/Micro Nutrient War write up is finally up on my blog in draft form: Any questions let me