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Nutritional Fats and Athletic Performance – Free Workshop

image Epic Nutrients CrossFit Vancouver School of Fitness, Flora and Epic Nutrients present: Nutritional Fats and Athletic Performance Wednesday February 23rd, 8pm at CrossFit Vancouver School of Fitness Free to all CrossFitters We will share the straight research while debunking some popular misconceptions regarding fish and flax seed oils and also share the results we've experienced inside CrossFit Vancouver using these products over the past 12-months. If you are a CrossFit Coach motivated to learn how nutrition can improve the performance of your top athletes or a CrossFit athlete looking to take your game to the next level then you're invited to join us to learn more about the omega 3 fatty acids and their implications for performance and recovery. Flora's Andrew Munaweera will be on hand to explain the science and to answer your questions. Andrew Munaweera:  For more than a decade Mr. Munaweera has been educating Naturopathic Doctors and has worked closely with the brilliant Udo Erasmus originator of the flax seed oil industry. Special gifts to attendees courtesy of Flora. Wednesday's Lesson Plan: Warm UP: 1 min Hand stand, 1 min l-sit, 1 min Active hang Tech: Massage out fore arms and tendons. smile No legs rope climb, l-rope climb WOD: 2 no leg rope climbs 50 air squats x 4 rounds if you can't do a rope climb sub in a progression. Ie use legs See how far up the rope you can get in tech and try it again next week and the week after until you can get to the top We used to do this one all the time. Your pullup max will go through the roof if you do a few of these every week. Patty image Andrew Munaweera Bio Andrew Munaweera has been a semi-regular crossfitter at Crossfit Vancouver for 18 months (although his coach says the semi-regular part could substantially improve). You’ll recognize him as the brown chubby guy lying on the floor wheezing away after every workout. When not distracting others from their workouts at Crossfit Vancouver, Andrew works as a Brand Manager for one of Canada’s oldest and largest natural health companies, Flora Manufacturing & Distributing in Burnaby, BC., where he specializes in marketing omega fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes and whole food supplements. Andrew’s worked in all sectors of the natural product industry in his 20 year career in natural medicine—from natural medical sales to pharmacy to manufacturing. image image