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Nutrition/Olifting Seminar Date Change

(1) The date of the next nutrition seminar has been changed. It will be at Crossfit Vancouver’s NEW facilities Saturday March 21st from 12:30-2:30pm. At the seminar we will be looking at: • Do’s and Don’ts and the REASONS WHY • Protein-the building block, warning about Dairy • Fat-Why we need it, facts about cholesterol • Carbs-the low down on grains • Importance of stabilizing insulin levels • Danger of artificial sweeteners • Tweaking the zone for mass gain and fat loss • Intermittent fasting. Plus the new date is going to allow for a summary of information presented at Charles Poliquins Biosignature certification that I am going to be attending next week. Should be pretty cool. The cost of the nutrition seminar will be $25 for CrossFit Vancouver members and $40 for non members. (2) The next O-lifting clinic will be held April 4th from 12:30-3:30. The cost for the o-lifting seminar will be $50 for Crossfit Vancouver members and $75 for non members. We will be breaking down the clean and jerk into its individual components working on developing the coordination and power transfer you need to do the lifts effectively. I know some of you were hoping for one in March, but between a spree of injuries, the move, getting sick and having three courses with exams come to an end at Langara there is just too much that needs to be done before I go to Regina for Westerns at the end of the month. Any questions just let me know. machine