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Nutts Cup 2016!

Forever remembering Andy  “Nutts Cup is held each year in honour of Lt. Andrew Nuttall (We used to call him ‘Nutts’ when he coached at our school), who was killed while serving with the Canadian military in Afghanistan at the end of 2009. Each year, Andy’s parents and members of his platoon – the PPCLI (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry) make the trip to honour him.” Andy Nutts was hard working, charismatic and fun. All admirable attributes. Nutts Cup is about remembering and honouring Andy, as well as anyone else who has given their life selflessly for the greater good of their country and the world. We invite you all to please come by! Bring your kids! Family and friends. Everyone is welcome. It is such a neat day. There will be a competition to watch, great food to eat, drinks flowing, vendors to look at, 50/50 draw and of course the WINE RAFFLE! We need you to donate wine if you can please! Check the event page for more details as the event approaches. Nutts Cup 2016 Funds raised during the days events will benefit the Lt Andrew Nuttall, Youth at Risk Foundation (LANYAR) and the Youth Warrior program at MadLab School of Fitness. If you can help volunteer please email Audrey Thankyou